MacroDazzle Contest Network Launches NEW Website 3.0

MacroDazzle has just released the NEW and improved, modern version of its contest network website for the creative community and talent showcase, which also includes advertising & promotional opportunities. This major upgrade is the 3rd version of the website system built now on the newer / state of the art frameworks that are cross-compatible on many devices along with the more enhanced mobile interface for cell phone browsers. Classic formula remains the same. The core of the website community is still comprised of online talent contests like Photography, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, Writing and Music... Unlike the previous 2.0 version, TWO new contests were added in this new release, which are Videography Contest and Web Design Contest. Just like before, these online talent contests give contestants a chance to qualify for Cash & Prizes and to be featured on the MacroDazzle Showcase & social media, though not everyone can participate. Although, everyone is welcomed to JOIN the creative community!

To ensure more qualified merit submissions, MacroDazzle co-founders & producers decided wisely to require a small entry fee before submitting the contest entry, otherwise those users cannot qualify for contests. Suffice to say, it was in response to the previous versions of MacroDazzle systems (like the earlier websites) when there were so many unqualified FREE entries submissions, that it overwhelmed the administrative resources. Yet on the contrary, MacroDazzle Contests also received a decent number of talented entries - so much so that it inspired and motivated the original Founder to RELAUNCH the CONTESTS to give the users & contestants even a better website version that's more user-friendly, more robust, more versatile and more modern with more impressive features and self-marketing tools.

Among the best, innovative features of the new website are: Fandoms, Syndication Broadcasts, New Contest Entry Forms, Advertiser Options, U-News Blogs, Reseller & Provider Programs (to earn income), Macro-Search, Facebook & Google Sign-Up options, more simplified User Profiles (that could be made public or private while still being edited) + Saving Likes Favorites feature (for articles/blogs and other media) + Multimedia Marketing Content shop for individuals and companies who wish to be Advertisers & Promoters. MacroDazzle Engineer also included premium memberships (optionally) on different levels of advertising exposure and according to the amount of promotional content to be posted via MacroDazzle networks and profiles.

In order to bring the entertainment community together and to make itself stand out, MacroDazzle created the Fandoms & Broadcasts feature - especially, during the time when the world needs the most unity and support from one another. Essentially, Fandoms are innovative interest groups that are broken down into separate, discrete, common topics of discussion over which people normally bond regardless of culture, ethnicity or nationality. Some of those topics, of course, include the Creative / Artistic Groups while other topics are completely ubiquitous, thus appealing to a wider audience that would find them interesting to ponder, to share/post and to provide feedback and community support with friendly advice and valuable insights. However, Broadcasts are NOT exactly the same as Fandoms and therefore have a different purpose to fulfill within the community network syndication; they mainly form much broader scopes of content syndication allowing users to better organize their content posts by popular media categories. This also encourages users to post & publish more relevant quality content as they are given the decision to sort it.

In response to a popular demand, MacroDazzle has added the "Follow" feature to users' profiles in order for the members to connect & follow each other faster without any extra steps. Being a public network, it gives its members the opportunity to gain more exposure, gain more FANS while also becoming a self-promoter or even finding a sponsor brand that can work with them on certain campaigns.

Using latest encryption technologies, the MacroDazzle website had activated the high encryption modern SSL certificate on all the pages (secure socket layer certificate) - The new website now also has a more improved transacting / payment gateway and order tracking, considering the on-board integration of on-page, simpler, secure transacting methods.

Whether you are from the creative community or from Show Business OR if you are just looking to be entertained, to connect with others to gain more views & fans, you are welcome to JOIN the MacroDazzle Showcase Network. You would benefit by networking with such individuals as other Photographers, Models, Actors, Writers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Comedians, Videographers, Designers, Producers, Sponsors and other entertainment professionals... And stay tuned for NEW Updates & Releases!

Published by Yuri Sire - June 25, 2020

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