Former Cop Blows His Whistle on Men’s Skin Care​ The (Not So) Shocking Truth

Updated: Feb 23

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The backstory:​ Ten years ago, following the removal of basil cell carcinoma from my forehead, I set out to develop a nutritious, hemp-based skin care products, because after decades of California sun and as a bike cop riding for long hours, I didn’t want to go through another surgery. So now what? - All the men's leading skin care products I found seemed to be just a mixture of chemicals and being a health nut, that wasn’t going to cut it. I knew what went on my skin ended up in my body and I didn’t want these toxins in me.

The Research that went into Mug Skin Care: ​

So, I researched and tested and with the help of a skin care expert, found the amazing skin care benefits of Hemp Seed Oil with its Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants and EFA’s

(Essential Fatty Acids). I then took it one step further added dozens of natural and organic ingredients (that don’t require a chemistry degree to understand) and the leading anti-wrinkle serum, Matrixyl 3000 peptides (clinically proven to reduce fine lines), to make it some of the most nutritious skin care available today.

Now for the Shocking Truth (which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone):​

I am going to do something most companies won’t do – be UPFRONT. If you are

older or even close to my age (64) there is not much you can do to get rid of wrinkles

except surgery or fillers like Juvéderm or Botox. THAT IS THE TRUTH! Sure, the

peptides do work on really fine lines. But for us Vintage Dude Warriors - those deep wrinkles

came from years of sun, worry, laughing, work, booze, late nights, kids, crazy ex’s and junk

food…which took a toll on your skin and not much can change that!

Slick marketing…​

You’ve probably seen those ads where they put stuff on the skin or under the eyes and the

wrinkles disappear in minutes. Well, what they don’t tell you is that they reappear a short

time later (I tried them). It’s temporary fix. It’s like meeting a woman and the next

morning without the make-up, you sprint for the door! Of course, you think that it

won’t matter because she loves your personality – how well did that work when it was the

other way around?

So why bother using skin care?​

Here is my opinion/wisdom based on years of being in the health and fitness industry. First,

you are doing something pro-active for the health of your skin (of course, putting a

bunch of crappy chemicals isn’t my idea of healthy). By keeping it nourished, moisturized

and hydrated it helps your skin to be healthy and more alive looking.

Vitamins and Supplements for Your Skin…​

If you are like me, you take vitamins and supplements, right? But do you really feel

anything from those supplements? Probably not much. But you know (or at least

believe) that vitamins and supplements will have a long-term positive affect on

your body and health. Mug Skin care is the same thing (nutrition) vitamins and

supplements but for your skin.

Vintage Dude Wisdom…​

At 64 years old, I believe that taking care of your skin, staying both physically and mentally

fit, eating as clean as possible, being positive, upfront with people and grateful is the key to

living a long, productive, happy and most importantly, a healthy life. Also, it’s been 10 years

of Mug and also 12 years being cancer free! As I always say, “It’s Your Mug, Treat it Right!”

Stay healthy my friends!

Kevin Kenneth is a former decorated Police Officer, Special Agent, Entrepreneur, Actor and

Co-founder of Mug For Men, Inc.

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