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Join the MacroDazzle Writing Contest!

If you think you're a good writer, the join the online writing contest by sending in your best works! ANY writing style-theme is welcome!.. You may write a simple story or a BLOG or some kind of Poetry/Lyrics or even a short script!

This is not for school so we don't require you to write an essay, but if you have some left from your school days, feel free to submit it! The founders of MacroDazzle will be reviewing your writing work based on the objective criteria that constitutes proficient writing. Use the contest form below to submit your works. Winners will be chosen for the MEGA-featuring via MacroDazzle! - The more submissions - the higher the cash prizes. Good luck!!!



After you sign up for a user profile and submit your entry to a contest of your choice, you will be automatically entered into a FREE conteset and then we will eventually select a winner! 

How the process goes: 

1)  Write either a blog, poetry, lyrics or a story....

2)  Fill out the form and send us your best works

3)  Send us either a link OR a doc / PDF or txt format 

4)  Go onto the next page, then review the contest rules.

5)  To join the cash contest, there will be a small entry fee.

6)  Follow up with the fee, then wait for the confirmation.  

7)  If you're one of the finalists, you'll be notified by email.

The winner will get TOP FEATURING & a suprizing prize!

To qualify for winnings, you must have a MacroDazzle profile:


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