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10 Health Benefits of Massage - Vitalita MD Tags: health wellness massage therapy happiness medicine

We all know that getting a massage feels good, but did you know that massage has many health benefits as well? Here are some of them:

1. Massage relieves stress that is oftentimes the cause of many chronic illnesses.

2. Massage boosts immunity which will help you stay healthy when others are getting sick.

3. Massage is also proven to reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm and well-being.

4. Massage can help you manage low-back pain by relieving the muscle tension thatís at its root.

5. Massage can also relieve tension headaches as the blood flow circulation to the brain is greatly improved †and muscle tension reduced.

6. Massage will help you sleep better as its relaxing effects aid in the development of natural healthy sleeping patterns.

7. Massage eases symptoms of depression as it encourages a more profound body and spirit connection contributing to improved mental health.

8. Massage improved cardiovascular health which could be life-saving to many patients suffering from various heart conditions.

9. Massage also lowers blood pressure which can be a great benefit to those people whose blood pressure tends to be high.

10. Massage promotes relaxation that is sometimes hard to achieve in our high-stress lives.

If you are curious to experience any of these health benefits of a massage for yourself, we invite you book your massage session with one of our highly qualified therapists by calling Vitalita MD (Huntington Beach) - 949-432-7200 - Or please visit:

~ Relaxation and well-being is just a call away!


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