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Advantages of Private Lending via Private Investors via MLO Financial
Posted by MLO Financial on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 4:33:15 PM

* Less stringent requirements - higher rate of approval


* Faster and more efficient escrow funding process


* Easier to work with private lenders & investors

* More Flexible loan terms - more transparent process

* Less paperwork - less bureaucracy - less stress


* Great for real estate investment & flip properties


* Let's you tap into a trusted real estate business network


* Deal with a reputable / honest loan processing center

* More individual attention and better client service

* Also works very well for commercial / hard money loans


* Secure loan structure that's secured by property equity


If you have any questions on how you can obtain a private loan for residential or commercial purposes or if you would like to learn more about real estate investment opportunities, please contact our Investor Relations Specialist: 800-822-9808 - Ext: 810 - Or you can also find more info on the MLO Financial Group website:


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