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MacroDazzle Comes Out with Upgraded Multimedia User-Advertiser Accounts for SHOWCASE & FEATURING
Category: News & Events

MacroDazzle recently came out with a newer system for advertisers to showcase their best content! - The premium advertiser account will allow you to maximize your exposure by opening up ALL our advertising tools and features.

This includes features & benefits like: being automatically featured on the home page, publishing PR blogs on the public U-News page, posting & promoting monetizable events, being able to gain more fans faster, affilate reseller programs and creating and posting in Fandoms which are innovative interest groups allowing you to do mass-marketing and group messages with multi-media capabilities!

Additionally, you will have access to a very well-designed Advertiser with 20+ SHOWCASE FUNCTIONS & premium features that would enable you to have a more dynamic and a more successful marketing campaigns with more exposure and more MULTI-MEDIA advertising options.

If you already have a MacroDazzle profile, feel free to UPGRADE to a Full-FEATURED User-Advertiser account here:

If you haven't signed for a profile yet, sign up for FREE here:

MacroDazzle Launching a BRAND NEW Social Net Website
Category: News & Events
Tags: new technology innovation social business web entertainment

MacroDazzle just came out with the NEW kind of showcase social network that would allow you to post and advertise multi-media content on a bigger scale centrelized around the entertainment industry. In addition to dynamic content sharing, it would also allow you to connect and grow your fanbase and followers. Especially, if one is looking to work on creative projects - MacroDazzle would provide a platform to not only find and post creative/dazzling content but it also provides a network system to find collaborations. The network site is meant to be the 1st OFFICIAL Online Show Business Network to be launched on a global scale. It comes with the plenty of features that will maximize your experience on the social net: WWW.MACRODAZZLE.COM

As of lately, MacroDazzle just came out with the NEW and IMPROVED platform for showcasing best works on a social media network! The network site is meant to be the 1st OFFICIAL Online Show Business Network to be launched on a global scale. It comes with the plenty of features that will maximize your experience on the social net.

This includes: a newer geo-mapping technology for local user networking, UNLIMITED showcase entries, FREE and unlimited advertising with a monthly membership, talent contests & rewards, innovative fandoms based on interests, mass-marketing opportunities, MAX exposure, dynamic profiles with fancy galleries, multi-media content uploads and downloads, calendar events (paid and free), more promotional opportunities (via social media and websites with more SEO), dynamic video categories based on contests, REAL opportunities to make REAL money / earn revenues via direct commerce and reseller programs allowing you to maximize your career and business potential.. Get quality support via MacroDazzle agents and producers. Sky is the limit!!!

There is also TREMENDOUS VALUE for advertisers who can now post showcase videos of their best skills or product and service demos as well as anything dealing with talent. You'd be able to publish a prominent PR blog on your company/venture or also be featured on a podcast as well as in the featured members sections across the site. And if you need a professional video being made, MacroDazzle has professional videographers and musicians on staff who'd be able to help you launch on an affordable budget with the best kind of results...

Either way, we hope you all enjoy this unique exprience of being on the MacroDazzle network. Feel free to take advantage of all the goodies and rich features that make this social net the state of the art for the show business community and beyond...

ANNOUNCING: Modeling Contest WINNER - Leah Robinson!
Category: News & Events
Tags: modeling contest competition photos hot beautiful

CONGRATULATIONS to Leah Robinson! She won the MacroDazzle Modeling Contest!

Thank you all so much for participating! And thank you Leah for believing in our contest!

For anyone who wants to enter the NEW 2017 Modeling Contest, please SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES HERE

NOVENTION Unveiling a NEW Type of Service - Venture Support for New Businesses Ventures
Category: News & Events
Tags: new business marketing
There is now a new type of service on the rise that will help many start-ups and new ventures gain traction. It's called Venture Support -

New services will include the following: Professional Company Websites, Quality Content, Social Media/Web-Presence, SEO Listings & Ads, Official @company Accounts, Commerce/Billings Integration, Tech & Admin Support, Sales & Communication Tech, Team-Building/Staffing and Business Certification, Innovation Consulting + more..
For any further information on how to get started, please visit
​Novention's website on how to get started:

Or please call: 949-648-7448

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